9 Months in

Apologies for dropping off the face of the earth for the past 3 months or so. I’ve been dealing with sorting out some health issues–mainly fatigue, insomnia, and mood swings. Turns out that perimenopause, vitamin D, B12, and iron deficiencies were to blame. Good to have that sorted out and feeling much better for the … More 9 Months in

Nature Boy

Today we decided to pop out into the backyard to check on various flora and fauna. We fed the koi and rescued a handful of tadpoles from the pond’s leaf basket. Last year T was too squeamish to touch them, but this time he was eager to help. Two of them flopped out of our … More Nature Boy

Six Months Later…

It occurred to me this morning that we are now exactly 6 months into this unschooling journey. How did that happen?! It still feels so new. It is still so new, but we’ve received so much support from friends, family, and fellow homeschoolers and unschoolers that the transition has been much easier than anticipated. So, … More Six Months Later…

Farm Fresh

I’ve decided–for the summer at least–to plan 1 field trip per week. It can be local or within a few hours drive, free or at least not ludicrously expensive. So if you’re looking for cheapish things to do in northeast FL now that school’s out, watch this space! A week ago we went to see … More Farm Fresh

Unschooling Day 1

And so it begins…I had thought we’d be doing the bird watching/feeding/classifying activities today, but T wasn’t feeling it. I knew a certain level of flexibility would be required this week and did not expect the activities I planned to absolutely occur on the assigned days. I just wanted to have enough enriching activities/materials available … More Unschooling Day 1


This past week was looooong. And exhausting. IĀ spent the entire week doing my 45 hour post-license course to make my real estate license permanent. My mom very kindly looked after T while I TCB’d. Unfortunately, this meant he did not clock a lot of outdoors time this week, so he’s just a smidge more “energetic” … More Springy

Drips and Drabs

We’re still officially deschooling, but T manages to ask me at least one question a day that turns into a learning opportunity. Granted, those questions are often as quirky as he is (see: “Mama, what’s Chtulhu?” and “Mama, what’s the Illuminati?”). For the record, his favorite thing about Chtulhu is his humanoid body. Dad and … More Drips and Drabs

Padawan in Training

We’re still deschooling, so a lot of video games, books, and stone cold chillin’ happenedĀ this past week. Not as much outdoor time as I would’ve liked, but it was cold and damp for most of the week until yesterday. Excited to report that we may have found an “extracurricular” activity T actually enjoys and may … More Padawan in Training