Drips and Drabs

We’re still officially deschooling, but T manages to ask me at least one question a day that turns into a learning opportunity. Granted, those questions are often as quirky as he is (see: “Mama, what’s Chtulhu?” and “Mama, what’s the Illuminati?”). For the record, his favorite thing about Chtulhu is his humanoid body. Dad and … More Drips and Drabs

Padawan in Training

We’re still deschooling, so a lot of video games, books, and stone cold chillin’ happened this past week. Not as much outdoor time as I would’ve liked, but it was cold and damp for most of the week until yesterday. Excited to report that we may have found an “extracurricular” activity T actually enjoys and may … More Padawan in Training

Knight in Plastic Armor

Today was our first “field trip” since beginning this unschooling adventure all of 4 days ago. We took a 90-minute drive to the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire in Gainesville. Upon arrival, T immediately wanted to eat. Needless to say his appetite is back with a vengeance after 2 days off his ADHD meds. After securing sustenance, we … More Knight in Plastic Armor

Deschooling Day 1

Today we just hung out at home. I’ve been pretty busy the past week and needed a slow day. I spent the day creating this fine blog you see here, reading, pinning things to my ever-growing unschooling Pinterest board, and watching T tear the place up. Today was his first day off his ADHD medication, so … More Deschooling Day 1

Cliff Diving

Oy vey. We did it. After staring off the precipice for some time, we made the leap and decided to give unschooling a try. We’ve just jumped; our toes have barely left the edge. We’re suspended in midair, terrified and exhilerated by what the plunge might bring. Hopefully no broken necks. And when I say … More Cliff Diving