Realtor®, wife, mother and brand spanking new unschooler to my 6 year-old son.


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  1. What is your end game? I am curious because I have a nephew who has five children, ranging in age from 7-19. The 19 year old just slowly quit going because of social anxiety…probably when she was 12 or 13. Her only hope now is a GED, but I doubt she is at all prepared for that. About 2 years ago they pulled the other kids ( all boys) out of school, supposedly to “homeschool” them. This seems to me an extremely loosey, goosey homeschool program because it is written material from Florida that they so when they want to (which is close to never) and no computers are involved. I really don’t know how they have even gotten away with that. But, as I asked, what is the end game. In the case of my nephew I fear he could end up with some pretty angry, poorly educated kids. My family members reside in Mew Jersey.


  2. Ok, so this is going to sound really weird….. my name is Victoria but when I was little, my sister could not say it, so everyone started calling me Bicki. My mom made up this little song (it went bick a boo we love you) and my loved ones still sometimes call me bickaboo. We now have a 7 year old (home schooled) who is called Blake or sometimes Blake-a-boo.


    1. That’s hilarious. I’m a Vicki, but not a Victoria. I got the nickname “Bicki” from a Spanish exchange student who couldn’t pronounce her Vs. Then that somehow morphed into Bickaboo. 🙂


  3. Hi there… I’m thinking of returning to home school / unschooling. Hoping to find a support network of like minded folks.



    1. Welcome, Renee!

      There are a lot of homeschooling/unschooling groups on Facebook, global and local. Even the global ones will probably have a member in your area who can refer you to a local homeschooling/unschooling group or co-op for support. Good luck!!


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