9 Months in

Apologies for dropping off the face of the earth for the past 3 months or so. I’ve been dealing with sorting out some health issues–mainly fatigue, insomnia, and mood swings. Turns out that perimenopause, vitamin D, B12, and iron deficiencies were to blame. Good to have that sorted out and feeling much better for the most part. Still dealing with lower back pain and crazy hormones, but neither of those is unusual at my age.

I can’t believe how fast we’re approaching our 1 year anniversary of unschooling. I remember being so nervous (read: terrified) at the beginning–feeling like I was out of my depth, in over my head, and all those other trite similes. Well, it’s 9 months later. Everyone is still alive and (relatively) sane. Tobin is learning every day and his excitement, imagination, and creativity are so wonderful to witness in person. We’ve joined a few more homeschooling groups and met some really nice families. We now have a minimum of 2-3 meetups a week to attend. I love watching Tobin blend in seamlessly with the other kids who have so much in common with him. I can see his eyes light up when he discovers another kid has the same nerdy/quirky interests he does.

I remember when we first started this journey and observing the other homeschooled/unschooled kids and worrying that they were all feral wolfchildren who would bite and infect my beloved son and turn him into one of them. 🙂 It only took me a few meetups to realize just how awesome these kids are. Smart, inquisitive, nerdy, kind, silly, goofy…no wonder Tobin fits in so well.

We’ve been on a handful of great field trips with our various groups and I look forward to more as the weather cools. I’m always on the hunt for interesting things to do on non-meetup days. One thing I thought we would try is to pick a different country every week and make one of their traditional dishes to eat and learn some basic facts about the geography and culture of the country in question. Tobin’s always asking geography questions (“What’s the smallest country in the world? Is Russia bigger than China?”) and he certainly likes to eat, so I’m thinking it will be a successful venture. He has zero interest in cooking, so I’ll be doing that myself. I’m also looking forward to doing more things in nature now that it’s not boiling hot.

Otherwise, not much new here. Still learning, adapting, and enjoying the ride. I’ll try to update more frequently now that I’m not a total zombie couch potato anymore, but the holidays are quickly approaching, so no promises!


4 thoughts on “9 Months in

  1. Love to meet another unschooling family. I’m torn between not doing enough with my 9 year old son, he sometimes doesn’t want to do anything, sometimes just says how bored he is. Luckil, I found a good online program for him to use. We love hiking, traveling and hunting so that is his major interests.
    I try to find groups for him to join, but, at times it doesn’t interest him either….
    We are all about traveling and leaving the suburbia lifestyle and showing Ethan that he can learn about his passions and follow his dreams.


    1. Oh, we have the disinterested days, too. T seems to like going on field trips and play dates with our various groups, but he wasn’t into co-op. I think even that was too “schooly” for him.

      How long have you been at it?

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      1. This is the third year. 1.5 yrs, almost, of unschooling. It’s been interesting. Even more so, explaining it to family and friends. A few dont approve, mainly family and the rest are unresponsive or supportive.:-) how about u? 🙂


  2. Will be a year on 1/27/16. Having a lot of fun with it so far. I’m definitely still deschooling, but T has settled in just fine. Can’t imagine going back to public school.

    We came to it out of necessity. The classroom setting just wasn’t working for him. Prior to that, I had the same misconceptions about homeschooling/unschooling as most folks do who have no exposure to it. Have had 1 or 2 naysayers, but most have been supportive and inquisitive.


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