Nature Boy

Today we decided to pop out into the backyard to check on various flora and fauna. We fed the koi and rescued a handful of tadpoles from the pond’s leaf basket. Last year T was too squeamish to touch them, but this time he was eager to help. Two of them flopped out of our hands into the ferns and we had to conduct emergency rescue operations. Both tadpoles were saved and returned to the pond. Mama frog croaked her thanks.

We have bananas growing on two of our banana plants. I had thought a third was going to sprout some, but it petered out. One bunch looks like it’s just about ready to harvest. T was disappointed that we have to wait a little longer. A work friend sent me what looks to be an insanely delicious recipe¬†using the banana blossoms, shrimp and coconut milk. Will have to try that this week.

Finally we turned on the hose and watered our butterfly garden that we planted in the spring. It’s pretty scraggly looking. Not as lush and vibrant as I had pictured in my mind, but there are quite a few flowers blooming in it. At the very least, we managed to grow things from seed and keep them alive for quite some time. We also filled the bird bath so our birdie friends can cool off. I need to fill the feeder as well, but it was too darn hot so we took turns dousing each other with the hose for a bit. Not too much, there is a drought after all.

It was nice to get out in the sun for a bit. We’ve been spending a lot of time conquering Lego Jurassic World on Xbox together this week. I developed a major crush on Lego Jeff Goldblum, but even he couldn’t keep me inside another day.

I call this scene: “You know you want to stay inside and tend to my wounds” or “Say yes to the chest.”

Hopefully the weather cooperates and we manage to do another field trip this week. This Tuesday is the first day of school for the public school kids in our district. I’ll have to plan something extra fun for that day. Until next post!


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