Back to Bas(s)ics

Just got back from a weekend in the woods with T. Someone in our local unschooling group had posted about a free kids music camp offered several times a year at The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. I told T about it, and he said he’d like to go and learn bass guitar. I booked us a tiny cabin and that was that!

He was very excited upon arrival and really dug the cabin. I dropped him off at his first class and picked him up afterward. The instructor said it went well, but I could tell T wasn’t really feeling it. On the way back to our cabin, he mentioned wanting to try drums the next day, but he changed his mind and went back to bass class. I stayed with him this time to make sure he was going to stick it out, but he petered out halfway through. It might just be too early for him. He’s 6 1/2. Band lessons didn’t even start until 3rd grade in my elementary school. Or maybe he’s genuinely not interested in playing a musical instrument, which is also OK. It was a great way to introduce him to an instrument without spending hundreds of dollars on equipment.

Instead of forcing him to continue and making both of us miserable, we focused on enjoying the camping portion of the trip. He’d been wanting to give camping a try for quite some time. We relaxed, swam in the pool, spotted a pileated woodpecker, and checked out the giant bat house at dusk. He asked all kinds of questions about bats–why they only come out at night, if sunlight kills them… I explained that they’re not actually vampires 😉 and that they’re nocturnal and feed on bugs that also come out at night. I also explained their role in controlling the insect population. I pointed out the HYOOGE mound of guano underneath the house and explained how that can be used as a really rich fertilizer for plants.

So even if the music bit was a bust, we still managed to fit in some cool nature lessons. At one point he saw the model cabins for sale at the campground and said he wanted us to buy our own, so I’m guessing he enjoyed his first camping trip. I explained that if we buy a cabin, we always have to go to the same place, but if we rent cabins, we can go wherever we want. Then he asked if we can buy an RV. Kid’s got some expensive tastes!


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