We Must, We Must, We Must Increase Our Trust!

Saturday was T’s first performance with the Jedi Academy at a local minicon. He was totally badass! So focused and didn’t seem nervous in the least. Friends of ours drove all the way from Savannah to catch the second performance and cheer him on. Inbetween performances, he had a lot of people request to have their picture taken with him because they couldn’t resist his Padawan charms. An artist selling molded rubber masks was nice enough to give T a free Bane mask. He had his picture taken in it with Deathstroke, which was probably the coolest part of the day for him, should you ask. I just asked him right now. I was right.
deathstrokeLast week the weather was not cooperating and I was rather busy with work, so we didn’t do as many unschooly things as I’d have liked. I felt rather guilty about it, but there was little I could do. I decided last week was a write-off and I should just plow ahead to make sure this week was better. I’m struggling with letting things happen organically. Like T, I’m all about the instant gratification, so I can’t wait to kick this thing off and tend to get a little heavy-handed with the strewing and enticing and inspiring. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not about me.

This morning my mom and I cleared off the dining room table and put out a bunch of art and science stuff to try to lure him away from the Xbox to no avail. Once again, I felt defeated–another day that we wouldn’t do anything creative or educational. I gave up and turned to Pinterest looking for dinner ideas.

All of a sudden I overhear T having a conversation with Grams about woolly mammoths (he had watched a video on extinct animals the night before). This led to us googling the hairy beasts and reading all about their appearance, diet, environment, habits and how they went extinct. We learned that they had short ears to protect against frostbite. T didn’t know what frostbite is, so I described it to him and we looked at images of people with frostbitten extremities. Said images might be too graphic for the average 6 year-old, but mine is as warped as his mama. Where other kids might be horrified, he was fascinated. We also read a bit about different civilizations during the Bronze Age while we were wiki-ing along.

So, in one afternoon we managed to cover history, zoology, climatology, anthropology, archeology and health. Boom. And all because of a random conversation. I need to relax and trust that, as he continues to deschool, these moments will happen more frequently. He’s an incredibly bright, inquisitive kid and he wants to learn. I know this academically, I just need to accept it on a gut level and have faith. It’s just that moments like the above are so exciting and magical and FUN that I try to force them instead of letting him take the lead. That’s my challenge over the next few weeks–breathing and trusting that the learning will happen when he’s ready and engaged. Good luck with that, Mama!


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