This past week was looooong. And exhausting. I spent the entire week doing my 45 hour post-license course to make my real estate license permanent. My mom very kindly looked after T while I TCB’d. Unfortunately, this meant he did not clock a lot of outdoors time this week, so he’s just a smidge more “energetic” than usual. 🙂

Today, I grabbed Grams and we went to Target and got some organization materials to set up a little unschooling nook in the dining room. I purchased a shelving unit with room for 6 storage cubes, 3 fabric cubes for half of the slots and a few smaller bins and a magazine holder for the remaining ones. It’s actually pretty darned attractive and won’t look horribly out of place. I’m looking forward to putting it together and getting all of his supplies organized in it. Will post a photo when it’s complete.

Since so much of last week was spent indoors, I thought we might try to cram in as much outdoor time as possible this week. I have a closing that will take up most of Monday (Woohoo!), but I have the remaining days loosely planned out as follows:

Tuesday–Filling the bird feeders, hanging his birdhouse from Aunt Susannah that he painted himself, bird watching, and logging which species we observe.

Wednesday–LOTS of playground time. Right after my showings!

Thursday–Going to our local nursery to pick out some herbs, then building a small raised bed with our leftover edging bricks and planting them

Friday–Either a trip to the arboretum for a nature walk, or a visit to the beach to collect shells we can later identify. If it’s breezy enough, we can fly his kite. There will likely be boogie boarding as well.

The weather is once again Florida-like and I can’t wait to manufacture large amounts of Vitamin D and get some dirt under my fingernails and fresh air in my lungs.


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