Drips and Drabs

We’re still officially deschooling, but T manages to ask me at least one question a day that turns into a learning opportunity. Granted, those questions are often as quirky as he is (see: “Mama, what’s Chtulhu?” and “Mama, what’s the Illuminati?”). For the record, his favorite thing about Chtulhu is his humanoid body. Dad and I are big fans of the octopus head.
Today before heading out to his Jedi training, I came across one of his ultrasound pictures and showed it to him. I pointed out all his parts visible in the picture (head, facial features, stomach, spinal column). He was fascinated and wanted to know more. He had to leave, but I look forward to showing him videos of fetal development when he gets back.

Now that the weather is warming up, I look forward to all the learning opportunities available in our own backyard. Our backyard is “extremely natural,” as one friend kindly put it. The previous owners appreciated the natural, free-form look, so it’s almost like a mini oasis/jungle. There are all manner of flora and fauna to explore.

One of our favorite things is rescuing tadpoles from the filter basket at the koi pond. He still refuses to touch them, but loves to look at them and hear them “plunk” as I toss them back into the pond. We also have a snake who likes to hang out on the concrete alligator and bask in the warm sun.

Another favorite is helping me pick oranges and grapefruits from our citrus trees using the long-handled picker. I’m not a very adept gardener, but I think he’ll enjoy helping me grow a potted herb garden and maybe some other plants that aren’t too easy for me to kill.

Another activity I’m looking forward to on a partly cloudy day is cloud identification. I found a really neat chart that we can take to the park. For a follow-up, I think it would be fun to reproduce the clouds we saw on some blue construction paper with cotton balls.

He also has a new kite that we haven’t managed to fly successfully due to lack of wind. I’m excited to take it to the beach on a breezy, warm day and get it going. I can easily see that leading to discussions about wind currents and even Ben Franklin’s kite experiment.

He’s still loving his Jedi training and is improving greatly each lesson. Now that I know he wants to stick with it, we ordered him his stunt lightsaber (he’d been using a plastic retractable one from Target until now) and his full Jedi attire for an upcoming minicon.

It’s wonderful to see how focused and dedicated he is at practice. We had tried a free Tae Kwon Do class a while back, but it just wasn’t his thing. So glad to have found a weekly activity he enjoys and looks forward to each week.

We have a function with our local unschooling group next Saturday, so I’m excited to meet other parents and pick their brains and for T to meet other kids also being unschooled. It’s a Mardi Gras party, so I’ve been wracking my brain trying to decide what dish to bring. There’s a contest for the best dish and I get just a tad competitive when it comes to cooking/baking. 🙂


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