Padawan in Training

We’re still deschooling, so a lot of video games, books, and stone cold chillin’ happened this past week. Not as much outdoor time as I would’ve liked, but it was cold and damp for most of the week until yesterday.

Excited to report that we may have found an “extracurricular” activity T actually enjoys and may stick with. We went to a Jedi training session of the Jedi Academy of North Florida yesterday. T spent the full two hours practicing his lightsaber skills and doing battle with other Padawans, Knights, and Masters. He’s going back with Dad again today while I get some “me” time.

So far it seems like a very nice group of people and the kids (and adults!) get to learn a mix of martial arts and swordplay, get plenty of exercise and fresh air, and have the opportunity to bond with other Star Wars geeks on a weekly basis. What’s better than that? (Answer: Nothing).

It was great to see T have so much fun. I was worried he might be all over the place and not able to focus now that he’s off his ADHD medication. He was a little overexcited and distracted to start, but reigned it in once he started to really get into the training.

His form improved quite a bit just over the course of that first lesson and his poses/expressions are super dramatic. Check out this Force push!

force push
There’s a questionnaire to fill out with the membership packet. One of the questions is whether prospective members prefer to be Jedi or Sith. T swears he’s a Jedi. However, he answered the question regarding what he’d like to achieve as part of the Academy, “Power, the Force, and Force lightning.” That answer sounds suspiciously Sith-like to me. I’ll have to keep an eye on my young Padawan.

force lightning


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