Knight in Plastic Armor

Today was our first “field trip” since beginning this unschooling adventure all of 4 days ago. We took a 90-minute drive to the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire in Gainesville.
knightUpon arrival, T immediately wanted to eat. Needless to say his appetite is back with a vengeance after 2 days off his ADHD meds. After securing sustenance, we ambled about taking in the sights. We watched a jousting match and checked out some very large birds of prey.

He wandered into a random tent and we had a very nice chat with a lady representing a local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Shortly thereafter it was time for second lunch.

After that, we grabbed our seats for the juggling act. Before the juggler even began, T raised his hand as if to ask a question. The juggler called on him and T informed him that his act “would be cooler with chainsaws.” That’s my wild man/daredevil/source of my inevitable fatal heart attack.

Next we watched a living chess match and he conned me into buying him a wooden sword/shield combo which he proceeded to employ in several battles with other boys who were similarly equipped.

He was fighting side-by-side with another boy armed with a sword and dagger against a third boy. He kindly asked the boy if he’d like to use T’s shield. Said boy uttered my second favorite quote of the day (after the chainsaw comment): “I’ve got a sword and a dagger. I GOT THIS!!”

T would say the sword fighting was his favorite part of the day. Mine would be observing just how social and outgoing he is. He approached several kids and adults to strike up conversations throughout the day. My favorite ice-breaker was one said to a boy holding a stuffed bat, “Nice bat you have there!”

As a self-avowed introvert, I take special pride in his gregariousness and ability to engage people of all ages and walks of life. To a person, they almost always leave smiling after one of his quirky conversations.

He was reluctant to leave, but on the way out we ran into someone attending the faire in full Deadpool garb (T’s favorite superhero). He got to have his picture taken with him. I’ll have to print it out and frame it for him so he can hang it next to his Deadpool poster.

He fell asleep a few minutes into the ride home. What a kickass day, if exhausting. Now Daddy’s on duty and Mama gets to soak in the tub!


5 thoughts on “Knight in Plastic Armor

  1. Hello
    This is the guy who was in the Deadpool cosplay! I was looking to see if any one mentioned me online and I found your blog. I’m glad I could bring a smile to your sons face!
    I just wanted to let you know that after reading your posts that I think your making a good decision when it comes to your son’s education. I will be following this blog and I’m looking forward to see how things go!
    P.s. tell your son that Deadpool says hay and I hope likes his picture!


    1. Ha! Thanks for the support and follow. I would’ve posted the picture here, but since it’s a public blog, I try not to post pictures where his face is recognizable. You can bet I posted it to Facebook, though, where my privacy settings are tighter. I think I geeked out almost as hard as he did. 🙂

      You totally made his day and mine!


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