Deschooling Day 1

Today we just hung out at home. I’ve been pretty busy the past week and needed a slow day. I spent the day creating this fine blog you see here, reading, pinning things to my ever-growing unschooling Pinterest board, and watching T tear the place up.

Today was his first day off his ADHD medication, so it was pretty much a “rebound” day. He was pinging off the walls. First day off the meds is always thus. Tomorrow should be calmer.

We went to the pediatrician for a physical and updated school forms yesterday. He was on board with the unschooling adventure. His exact quote, “If kids with ADHD are loved, nurtured, and allowed to be themselves, they can go on to great things.”

His advice re: medication was to only use it on days where T really needs to focus. Since we’re deschooling right now, he won’t need it for quite some time. And when we do ease into unschooling, he’ll rarely need it then (or so I hope!).

I was pleasantly surprised by how little screen time he logged today. He spent the better part of the day running around butt nekkid except for his breastplate, helmet and sword playing live-action Minecraft. The kid has imagination in spades.

Tomorrow we will log some serious playground time, weather permitting, to burn off all that boundless energy. He’s still going full-force, but it’s only a matter of time before he crashes and Mama gets some peace (or so I hope!)


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