Cliff Diving

Oy vey. We did it. After staring off the precipice for some time, we made the leap and decided to give unschooling a try. We’ve just jumped; our toes have barely left the edge. We’re suspended in midair, terrified and exhilerated by what the plunge might bring. Hopefully no broken necks. And when I say “just jumped,”I mean, like, yesterday. Literally. 1/27/15.

My son (whom I’ll call T here) has always been bright, quirky, and very much an individual. I knew from early infancy that he was a “live one,” and not likely to be an easy, quiet kid. I observed his progress through preschool, VPK (our magical, respite year thanks to a wonderful teacher with an affinity for overactive boys), and half of Kindergarten. It became clear to me that the traditional classroom was not an ideal learning environment for him.

I’m starting this blog as a journal/online portfolio of our learning adventures and mishaps. I appreciate any and all feedback, advice, cautionary tales, and commiseration my readers care to contribute.

For the next month, we’ll be deschooling, relaxing and only learning when T shows an interest. I’ve joined a local unschooling Facebook group and can’t wait to meet and talk to other parents on the same educational path as my family. We have our first unschooling field trip to a renaissance festival on Friday.

I’m looking forward to finally putting my education degree to good use. I tried to talk T into letting me teach him German and/or French, but he wasn’t having it–at least not the other day. Tomorrow, he may change his mind or want to learn a language I don’t yet speak. I would love to learn a language together with him!

All in good time, though. No rush. Just exploring his interests and obsessions as they occur. Right this minute he’s interrupting this posting to introduce me to a game he just invented. It involves dice rolling and the winner getting a kiss. Already using his creativity, though he doesn’t realize there are no losers in this game. 🙂


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